It's true! The "Dating & Seduction"
industry is about to
be jolted from its seat...

"At Last! An ALL-NEW Group Of 11 Real-World Seduction Masters Have Finally Agreed To Break Their ‘Code Of Silence’ & Reveal Their Advanced Field-Tested Secrets To Success With Women... And How YOU Can Do It Too!"

"... As You Learn, Step-By-Step, How They Easily Overcome Fear, Approach Beautiful Women, Melt Their Defenses, Develop Deep Emotional Connection & Get ‘Physical’ With Them Within Minutes Using Proven Techniques Most Naturals DON’T Want You To Know!"

Simon H


"You’ll Literally Be Squeezing Every Last Drop Of Their Finest Strategies, Uncovering Never-Before-Revealed Female Attraction Triggers, Sexual Communication Techniques & Eliminate Every Roadblock You Have To Dating... WITHOUT The Need To Learn It All From Some High-Priced Course; Expensive, Out-Of-Town Seminar; Or Worse Yet, Costly, Embarrassing And Degrading Rejections!"

"You’ve Probably Never Heard Much About These ‘Under-The-Radar’ Dating & Attraction Coaches Online! (And they would have been happy to keep it that way too - until I figured out a SHOCKING & unexpected way to hold them hostage and ethically ‘force’ them to show you how they do it… in their own words!)

From: Simon H
Monday, July 28th

Dear Friend,

Y ou’ve probably been doing hundreds of subtle, tiny little things right now that are putting women off instantly without you even knowing it!

No matter what your current social state with women are at this point in time, this information directly applies to YOU, and in some cases, it’s downright shocking.


This is NOT a joke! I’ll be to the point.

If You Want To Supercharge Your Dating & Social Skills With Women And Want To Quickly Learn…

How to completely reprogram & rewire your subconscious mind and turn yourself into a lion-like fearless “machine” that approaches any woman with style… anytime… in ANY situation… without even thinking about it

How to get the woman you REALLY want to ‘suddenly’ fall for you, develop deep emotional feelings of attraction for you no matter what your prior relationship was before this (she can be your friend, a casual workmate, a class-mate, or even someone you’ve just met, it can STILL be done!)

How to transform yourself at the very core of who you are so that you always radiate the right signals & attitudes all women find irresistibly captivating, they find it impossible not to notice you…

How to project rock-solid confidence & remain playfully relaxed and centered in the presence of beautiful women so you can easily know exactly what to say and what to do to get the kinds of women you want

How to be the center of any social situation & have full control in your interactions with women -- enticingly tease women & spin off endless witty conversational topics to keep groups of women engaged in hours of in pure flirting fun everytimewhatever the situation...

How to automatically heighten your social value in front of attractive women everytime you’re around them & give them that gut-wrenching “I’ve got to have him” feeling they normally only get from high-profile rock stars, movie stars, celebrities, and the super rich and famous

... And every possible technique known to man to become THE one guy women discreetly fantasizes about, someone who oozes with auras of power, charm, wit, sexual magnetism women simply CANNOT resist no matter how hard they try…

Then This Will Be The One Single, Most Important Letter That Will Show You Exactly How To Do It All...

Ok, Let me explain...

My name is Simon Heong.

Way back in early November 2004, a MASSIVE shockwave shook the entire dating scene online when I controversially released one of the Internet’s very first dating & seduction Compilation manuals, collectively bringing together a mind-blowing all-star team of our industry’s fastest-rising Seduction Coaches and challenging them using nothing but this one nasty-ass letter…

Hey [Guru Name],

You suddenly find yourself weighing over 200 pounds, looking every inch of a nerdy geek with thick glasses/pimples and everything, you are short -- 5ft 4" to be exact, had never dated a single girl in your lifetime, you are EXTREMELY shy... AND to top it all off, you're left with barely a 100 bucks in your pocket!

Other than your vast dating knowledge, you're nothing but a complete 'reject' when it comes to dating women! 

Now, what would be your 28 most surefire techniques you can quickly and easily use to land ANY one of the hottest, sexiest, most gorgeous women around to quickly redeem your pride and prove yourself?

Maybe you’ve seen or even heard of the event?

Well, it was undeniably an overwhelming success. Immediately upon it’s release, it blazed all the way up the record charts & quickly became an online best-seller; my phone lines were practically jammed with calls from book publishers; all frantically fighting for exclusive rights to distribute it across every major book chain and local stores around the world, but best of all -- people's LIVES (and their successes with women) were literally changed overnight!

Deep down, I felt a tingling sense of satisfaction that it had profoundly impacted so many people’s lives across the globe and I thought that was the end of it.

"But Boy Was I Wrong... I Was In For A NASTY Surprise!"

You see, ever since that fateful day, PILES of mails started stacking up my doorstep, I got phone call after phone call from dating book publishers practically begging me to release a brand NEW compilation, and a TON of emails (believe me, you’ll be freaked when I tell you the actual number!) demanding for the same exact thing...

Some of them even became fanatical and started listing down exactly WHOM they'd wanted to learn from in my next rollout.

Bottom line was -- They wanted MORE...

... and they wanted them… BAAAAD!

In fact, those mails are STILL coming in as I’m sitting down writing this letter – bizarre, isn’t it?

Side Note: Well, just in case you missed out on the excitement the last time around, you can read all about it here...

"Anyway... Of Course I Was Skeptical On Doing Another One!"


Because it takes a MONSTER load of effort, time and gruesome amounts of hard work that goes into these things.

That's why!

Getting everyone to commit to this entire project was like trying to herd barn cats into a minivan. It wasn't easy. And when you get this much raw talent together in one place at one time, things can get intense. Really intense!

But once I explained it all – many of them were even more fired up about the whole thing than I was! What’s more, they were really bubbling over the mere thought of being able to share and give something back for their successes with women.

I was obviously taken aback but it made crystal-clear sense.

(Truth it, there is an ‘abundance mentality’ that I’ve seen with the most successful people I know. They aren’t scared of sharing their knowledge because they know the more they give, the more they get!)

Long story short, I swiftly charged on and  now...

"After Over 17 Months Of Grueling Brainstorming And Feverish Paced Planning... It's FINALLY Happening Again!"

But this time, it’s 10 times bigger, better & a whole lot more exciting than you ever thought possible!

Truthfully, it was a GARGANTUAN task to track, hunt down, convince and coax these "under-the-radar"  Experts to come forward and commit their time, effort and energy to reveal EVERY little 'secret' technique with women they’ve worked so hard to research, tweak & fine-tune to what they are today.

Secrets even Casanova himself would be jealous of.


I’m talking about techniques that when combined, can QUADRUPLE your success rates with the ladies, and get them to want ONLY you... and they won't even know why!

... yeah sure it may have sucked out every last drop of energy from within me, but hey, I never settle for second best and I'm sure YOU feel the same way too, so hold on to your horses & brace yourself as I will now unveil to you…

An All-New Explosive Team Many Consider To Be The Super-Elite, “Best Of The Best” Dating & Seduction Experts On The Planet – All 11 Of Them!

Picture this...

11 real-world dating coaches… that's 11 unique styles... 11 unique perspectives that you can outright “spy” on. Remarkably ‘gifted’ individuals with exceptional dating expertise and insights, such as the world-renowned  best-selling authors:

Dating Expert #1: Carlos Xuma
Author of the best-selling "Alpha Seduction" Programs
Dating Expert #2: Marius Panzarella
Author of the best-selling "Smart Dating System"
Dating Expert #3: Will Hicks
Author of the best-selling "You Are So In My Way” System 
Dating Expert #4: Rion Williams
Author of the best-selling "Men’s Guide To Women” 
Dating Expert #5: Tony Clink
Author of the best-selling "The Lay Guide” 
Dating Expert #6: Cucan Pemo
Author of the best-selling "500 Secrets About Girls”          
Dating Expert #7: Elena Petrova
Author of the best-selling "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me!"
Dating Expert #8: Giuseppe Notte
Author of the best-selling "All About Women – The Encyclopedia Of Seduction” 
Dating Expert #9: Mark Geiger
Author of the best-selling "The Playbook -- The Definitive Guide To Dating For Young Professional Men" 
Dating Expert #10: Mark J Ryan
Author of the best-selling "Breaking The Seduction Code” 
Dating Expert #11: Matt Carbone
Mystery Guest 'Player'

... will all reveal to you their LATEST sizzling female attraction secrets based on YEARS of trial-and-error; secrets that 99.99% of the male population have NEVER heard before -- perfectly fit for the year 2009!

"They Will EXPOSE Their Thinking Process & Will Each Teach You THEIR Own Unique System For Creating Instant Attraction With ANY Women"

Now, bear in mind, these folks are extremely busy, incredibly talented, in HIGH demand, and get paid incredibly well for their insights about dating & women.

And they are worth every damn dollar!

In fact, if you are thinking about hiring one of these hot shots for a personal, one-on-one coaching, think again. This team of "Dating Gretzky's" are booked 4-6 months in advance with client work. That is, IF they will even accept you as a new client.

But this time around, I practically ‘forced’ each and every one of them to deliver a rapid-fire swarm of their latest, cutting-edge techniques, ideas, insights, strategies and female attraction tricks they know of for instant success with women, holding nothing back.

Nothing censored, water down, filtered, sugar coated or fluffed up.           

And now is your chance to see them as they do it, right before your very eyes!     

“Model Yourself On Other Achievers” – Anthony Robbins (World’s No1. Peak Performance Coach)

Tony believes the fastest way to become successful in ANY area of our lives is to find people who have ALREADY achieved the kinds of successes that we ourselves want in our lives and MODEL after them.

 Same applies here in dating. If you want to become an ‘expert’ with handling women, you just have to MODEL after guys who are ALREADY good at attracting women, who are already achieving the kinds of success you want with women, and that’s it!

Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own -- wasting THOUSANDS of dollars wining and dining women and STILL end up with a bruised ego & nothing to show, all you have to do now is to learn, listen & follow people who are experts at  it and bam!

You get the same results.

You get THEIR results.

When you model them, you'll subconsciously THINK, TALK, and ACT more and more like them. You will naturally BECOME them without you even realizing it’s happening.

... and that's what I call ACCELERATED learning.

This Is YOUR Chance To Go “Behind-The-Scenes” -- Deep Inside The Guarded Sanctum Of Today’s Super Elite Dating Experts...

You’ll get to see first-hand how they do it – their in-depth insights, scorching red-hot techniques & REAL WORLD experiences work so well, they'll easily throw the 10s, 9s & 8s off their pedestals & have them begging for your approval!

Hold on tight & fasten your sea-belts, my friend, as you will finally uncover...

  • The 7 core “limiting beliefs” most men have that will ultimately prevent you from ever having the kinds of success with women you’ve always dreamed of having, and exactly what you can do to this very moment to break through it forever!

  • How to amplify & electrify the sexual chemistry & create playful “sexual tension” when you’re on a date with a woman that turns a woman on so powerfully, she’ll be thinking about you day and night secretly wanting to go out on a 2nd, 3rd, 4th date with you again...

  • How to subtly create sexual anticipation so intense with a woman in ANY given situation using nothing but words – SHE’LL be the one who will initiate everything, from holding YOUR hands, touching you, cuddling with you and even asking PERMISSION to kiss you. (believe me, you’ve love this!)

  • The 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to GUARANTEE a woman will be attracted to you when you spend time with her... even if you don't have a lot of experience in this area!

  • A 6-step surefire technique to signal to women that YOU are every woman’s “dream guy”…  (Master this, and be rest assured that gorgeous looking women who used to ignore you will now be forced to take notice of you as you walk pass them)...

  • The CORRECT way to use humor & laughter to create instant attraction with ANY woman (this is the same exact way successful ‘players’ use to create spot-on deep personal connection with women and stir up emotional feelings of attraction with them)

  • How  to “turn the tables” when you are on a date with a beautiful, sexy looking woman that every woman wants and make HER be the one who has to work hard to impress YOU...

  • A relatively unknown technique to use “sexual” body language to get a woman’s attention & turn her on without saying a single word... even if she's all the way across the room!

  • Magnetic flirting conversation techniques -- how to continuously tease women & spin off endless conversational topics to keep groups of women engaged in hours of in pure flirting fun.

  • How to stand out from the rest, catch their attention,  & “play hard to get” with beautiful looking women the moment you first meet them... and quickly swell up her attraction to you (yes, it can be done easily even if you are a hideous, balding dude!)

  • How to correctly read women's body language - One of the most powerful attraction techniques (definitely one of my favorite ones!)

... and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Still, that’s only one side of the coin.

But here’s where it gets a 'little' more interesting…

"You’ll Also Learn What Women REALLY Want In Men – From 2 Of The World’s Leading Female Authorities On Dating!"

Stop listening to guys who at best can only THINK they know what women want.

Here, you’ll not have 1, but 2 of our community’s LEADING female authorities on dating & attraction who'll unselfishly be sharing with you their most ‘prized’ insights on women's ever-evolving thought-process & turn-ons...

Bottom line -- these women knows what their talking about. Count your lucky stars as both these highly sought-after dating & media personalities; the ever beautiful Miss Elena Petrova & Cucan Pemo will reveal to you:

  • A controversial &  shocking revelation of what women REALLY want in a man, in how they’d like to be approached, in how they’d like to be teased, talked to, touched, ‘played’ with, ‘handled’, etc … but in whatever circumstances will NEVER tell their man!

  • The 3 things you simply MUST do to emotionally connect with women & get them to completely open up, feel totally relaxed & comfortable talking to you. (Do this right and you’ll have any woman you want laughing, flirting, touching and secretly wanting to jump in the sack with you within minutes of meeting them!)

  • The 5 romantic fantasies ALL women secretly have but are way too egoistic & self-conscious to admit to - and exactly how you can take advantage of this knowledge, LIVE out these fantasies with them & have them thinking of you as “the one”...

  • How to develop powerful body language skills & habits that instantly make any woman feel attraction for you… you’ll experience changes so dramatic, you’ll have women you aren’t even interested at all feeling that uncomfortable “butterflies in my stomach” crushes on you…  (yes, it is THAT good!)

  • How to be irresistibly charming, sly and mysterious in a way women find extremely alluring using body language techniques that will get her constantly thinking of you & trying to figure you out

  • Discover the 4 things ALL women absolutely LOVE to talk about... know this and you can easily connect, get along & "hit it right" with any woman you want, do this right & they will be looking forward to each & every meeting with you...

  • Exactly why women put certain types of men in the dreaded “Friend Zone” and the 3 critical things guys must do every time when their with women to stay far away from it (you won’t get this information anywhere, not in the local library, bookstores, the Internet, I too was stunned when I found out about it)!

  • How to “communicate” interesting and sexy vibes with your body language to women, without the need to utter a single word

  • The 3 biggest mistakes most guys make when “trying to be funny” with women that puts women off completely (If you don’t know what these mistakes are, chances are you’re making it with almost every woman you talk to without you realizing it)

... and a whole lot more! 

... You'll know exactly what works and what doesn't, making it easy to apply the same techniques to your own unique dating experience.

Hey... but don’t just take my word for it.

Here Are Just A Few Of The TONS Of Testimonials I've Received:


"The World's Foremost Authority On Dating: Carlos Xuma Had This To Say..."

Simon's new product is just what the doctor ordered... Especially if he's is a seduction and attraction doctor!

I've had a chance to review and contribute to this new program, and I have to say that Simon has really outdone himself with this new Instant Attraction Program.

Imagine a densely packed tome of wisdom from a bunch of the

latest dating advice advisors on the planet today.

Then imagine that you've got a chance to get their top advice on the subject of demonstrating the POWER of attraction - to get ANY woman you desire...

That's what you're getting here.

Everything from real "inner game" techniques, to factors you should and shouldn't care about (and some you didn't know existed!), to handling boyfriends, to breaking up, to building your self-confidence, to handling tests, to building sexual tension...


It's all in here.

I've been reading the books and reviewing it for days now, and I'm only halfway through it. My good friends Rion and Will Hicks are all here, and more guys that you're going to hear more about in the future.

You're going to have to turn off the phone and spend the weekend absorbing all this new material. Better yet, print it out and wear out your highlighting pen as you try to figure out the first points that will help you the most as you get a whole new start on your new dating life.

Look, I sat down and recorded some of my top techniques for you in audio just so you could rest your eyes from all the reading, and I'm here to tell you that you've got a lot of new material to absorb and learn.

Oh, wow. I didn't even see all these other bonuses.

Look, take it from me. When ABC television pulled me on the air to spread the word about the new dating revolution going on, I was talking about this quality advice that will get men back on track with their dating lives.

Don't wait around looking for more. It's all here...

-- Carlos Xuma
Author of The Dating Black Book, and The Secrets of the Alpha Man

"... This Program Is A Must-Have. You Get 11 Programs For The Price Of Only One!"

The biggest problem with seduction gurus and methods is that they are pretty
narrow-minded. These people teach what works for them - and easily forget that each and every guy is unique with unique problems to overcome. What someone uses with success might lead to a complete disaster if you try it yourself.

The Instant Attraction Program is a collection of techniques from 11 different authors - thus you get 11 different views and opinions on how to attract women. This gives you OPTIONS and shows you the many ways you can go to succeed with women. From these wide array of techniques, you'll be able to choose what works for you much more easily.

Although I'm a contributing author myself, even I was amazed by the cool techniques and perspectives other authors share in this manual.

If you take learning to seduce women seriously, this program is a must-have. You get 11 programs for the price of only one!

-- Giuseppe Notte
Author of All About Women

"... It's Simply Jam-Packed With Tricks And Techniques That Can Be Immediately Applied To Get Instant Results..."

Hi Simon,

What you've done is really awesome! I hope your readers will appreciate your efforts in compiling some a comprehensive, step-by-step, useful dating guide as much as I do.

As an expert on attracting women using humor, I've seen, read, and used many dating guides, and your guide is hands-down one of the

best out there. It can make a novice into an expert in almost no time.

It's simply jam-packed with tricks and techniques that can be immediately applied to get instant results, though I suggest that your readers take time and slowly absorb every bit of knowledge contained there - every piece of sound, applicable, and powerful advice.

This is the perfect book for any man out there who is frustrated, unsatisfied, curious, and seriously want to improve his dating life.

Good job, Simon!

-- Martin Merrill
Best-Selling Author Of "Make Women Laugh -
How To Attract Women Easily And Quickly Using Humor"

"... Words From The Author Of The Seduction Best-Seller -- How To Become An Alpha Male..."

"Simon Heong has put together a masterpiece. Imagine having the top dating experts in the world as your personal trainers, guiding you to all the women you could ever want.

When I first started trying to meet women 24 years ago, there was nothing out there that could shorten my learning curve like that.

I had to learn the hard way... but you don't. You can achieve success in DAYS, not decades.

The Instant Attraction Program is as close as you can humanly get to having the exact combination to unlock the female mind... to get the hottest women in the world literally BEGGING for your body.

It has something to offer everyone, from the beginner to the more experienced guy. In fact, even I learned a few new tricks.

Are you ready to be the man who gets all the girls? I urge you to grab this breakthrough guide right now."

-- John Alexander
Best-selling Author of "How To Become An Alpha Male"

"... It's Like Having Your Own Private Panel Of Experts All At Your Fingertips...!"

Hi Simon,

As a fellow publisher of the popular dating ebook, "How To Date An Asian Woman", I often get asked to review many up and coming dating books. After taking a look at your new package it completely blew me away! This is like the Encyclopedia Britannica of Dating!

Everything any guy could ever ask for is in there. This is not some read it once and forget it program. It is something every guy will enjoy reading, and will save and use as a reference guide, referring back to it whenever he has a dating question. It's like having your own private panel of experts all at your fingertips! Now that's powerful. I have never seen a more complete dating guide anywhere, period.

-- Kevin Russell
How To Date an Asian Woman

"Your New Program Offers More Information, More Techniques, And More Details Than I've Ever Seen Offered In Any One Dating Package Anywhere...!"

Hi Simon,

I've seen just about every dating, romance and sex guide available on the internet. Being a publisher of these guides myself I know how hard it is do come by anything that is truly helpful to the average Joe. It's clear we both share a common desire to help males everywhere improve their lives in the dating and romancing arena.

Your new program offers more information, more techniques, and more details than I've ever seen offered in any one dating package anywhere! The clever insights and knowledge gained will make every guy who reads it want to take action, and take action NOW! Everything is laid out in simple terms, and the techniques are so easy to follow.

I cannot recommend your package highly enough. Guys - get it. Read it. Use it! Your success rate at dating and love life WILL improve.

-- Jeff Becker
Secrets Of Sexual Addiction

"... It's As If Everyone Over Here Is Trying To 'Out-Do' One Another By Showing Off Their Best Techniques Here..."

"Hey Simon,

David Kwan here and I just wanted to send you a quick email about how impressed I am with your Instant Attraction Program.

It's practically unimaginable thinking of all the complexities you had to go through just to get a world class seduction guru to reveal all his advance dating strategies he's worked so hard to refine -- and now I'm seeing you managed to get a group of 11 of them to reveal ALL their secrets at the same time. Now, that's insane!

Honestly, with the sheer voluptuous size of information you managed to pack into this entire program -- I've got to admit, it took me well over 2 weeks to read, listen and absorb it all, yeah all 450+ pages of it -- and that's not even including the advanced audio by Carlos! But am I complaining? ;-)

I especially loved the segments by Carlos, Rion, Elena, Cucan, Marius -- it's as if everyone over here is trying to 'out-do' one another by showing off their best techniques here... each gave an entirely unique perspective to how seduction & attraction is actually done in the real world... which to me is an excellent, EXCELLENT platform for guys to have an all-round, complete and accelerated learning to what success with women is all about!

I've got to hand it to ya'... you're crazy to be offering this to people at such a low price... but I guess it's all for the good of everyone, right? lol

Anyway, great job on this -- I highly recommend this program to anyone who's interested to dramatically improve their success with women & dating to get this -- now!"

-- David Kwan

"... I Can Whole-Heartedly Recommend It To Both My Own Customers And Really To Anyone Interested In Either Quickly Getting Into The Game Of Successfully Attracting Women Or Increasing Their Already Existing Competence Way Beyond Their Wildest Dreams..."

"Hello Simon,

I am floored. I have no idea how you managed to get so many seduction experts to share their best techniques with you, but miraculously you've managed to compile an absolutely monumental collection of the best attraction and seduction secrets out there.

Throughout the years I've rejected numerous requests

to promote various products on my website and even though I agreed to contribute my own 28 Best Techniques to the Instant Attraction Program, I wasn't sure if I wanted
to break the tradition and actually promote it on my own site.

But now that I've gone through the whole package and also read all the tips from
all the other authors, I can whole-heartedly recommend it to both my own customers and really to anyone interested in either quickly getting into the game of successfully attracting women or increasing their already existing competence way beyond their wildest dreams.

This is an absolute dynamite of a package. Fantastic job Simon!"

-- Tony Clink
Best-selling Author of "The Lay Guide"


DON'T Be The Guy Who Spends THOUSANDS On Women Only To Hope To “Get Lucky”

Most guys these days spend thousands of dollars on cars, clothing & fancy gadgets to impress women. Worst still, some unlucky, ‘mis-informed’ guys even go to the extent of forking out obscene amounts of money trying to show how “sincere” they are by buying women presents, bringing them to classy joints, etc only to HOPE to "get lucky".

*Sigh*... that’s sooo sad, no?

Now, just in case you don’t know, those things flat out DON’T work.

Not at this day and age anyway...

Seriously -- I kid you not.

The dynamics of dating has changed DRAMATICALLY and it’s high time for you to wake up and smell the coffee my friend.


"You Need Street-Smart, PROVEN Seduction Skills That Works In The REAL WORLD, From REAL PROS Who Are Actually DOING It With Flair, NOT Just Talking About It..."

And that's exactly what you'll be getting here.

So, switch off your cell phone, shut the doors, grab your favorite cup of coffee and keep your eyes glued tight to this page as each one of these 11 elite gurus will take you by the hand and show you

  • A proven, fail-proof psychological technique to make any woman “let go”, experience intense attraction and fully surrender her mind, body & soul to you (it does not matter whether you’ve been “just” friends with her all along, this one works extremely well on ALL women, but ONLY if you do it right…)

  • A pivotal checklist of things you must NEVER do if you want to be successful at approaching women anywhere; be it at bars, clubs or any other possible public place (this ‘off-the-record’ manuscript  contains insights so powerful, only a handful of the world’s best pick-up artists have access to it, UNTIL I found an ingenious way to get them to reveal it all here…)

  • “Word-for-word” scripts and communication techniques on how to flirt with women & ignite mental orgasms in their minds for you without learning confusing physical & touching techniques

  • How to completely transform snobby, hot model-looking looking women who thinks they have all the beauty & power to get any man they want to want YOU (and no, you don’t have to be super good-looking or rich to do this) (not many guys know this, but once you have mastered this sneaky lil’ trick, you will automatically have these types of women constantly coming up & fighting to get YOUR attention instead!)

  • How to transform cold & unfriendly looking women who look unapproachable in ANY public place to immediately open up to you, flirt with you & have her asking YOU out on a date within the first 5 minutes upon meeting her (you will find 4 actual real-life tested scripts here)

  • Learn how to combine elements of a POWERFUL technique on social proofing no one else knows about to instantly heighten your social value front of women and give them that nerve-wrecking “I’ve got to have him” feeling they normally only gets from high-profile rock stars, movie stars, celebrities, and the rich and famous

  • Learned seduction techniques normally requires you to BE someone you’re not. Women easily see through these shallow acts of fakeness. Instead, here’s an easy way to stop pretending & ‘acting’ like someone you’re not, and naturally bring out your own unique persona so that you DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the pack & have women attracted with the REAL you

  • How to quickly move on to the next level & initiate physical contact to create sexual connection and rapport within minutes of meeting any woman

  • 3 exact, "word-for-word" telephone scripts to use when you call a woman for the first time that all but guarantees a date with her without her having a chance to say the dreaded “maybe next time” line

  • A powerful “push-pull” technique successful naturals use when playing “hard to get” to drive women crazy and get THEM to make the first move

… and so much more!

“You Can Be The Biggest KLUTZ Around And STILL Get YOUR Girl!"

So what if people accidentally mistake you for the "green goblin" sometimes.

Like I said, it does not matter!

… and NO it’s NOT about trying to ‘bribe’ them by buying her expensive gifts, bringing her out for expensive, fancy dinners, giving her whatever she wants, whenever she wants, etc…

It’s not even about being the ultimate “sweet, nice guy”, giving in to all her demands, being ‘understanding’ enough to accommodate her demands & all the other wussie-like advice your grandpa taught you…

Not until what you’ve learned from these guys anyway…

"Never Again Will You Be The Boring Guy Women Pass Up And Ignore -- Use These Cool Ninja Techniques And See How Beautiful Women Will Start Fighting For YOUR Attention In The Next 24 Hours... Guaranteed."

That's why, in the newly released "Instant Attraction Program," you'll also discover:

  • Great witty comebacks scripts you can use whenever a woman rejects you (whether it’s over the phone, when you’re trying to pick her up, or when you’re asking her out, it does not matter!)

  • How to instantly let ALL the women around you have that magnetic “I have to have him” feeling and create the mouth-watering “Rock Star” magnetism  & appeal that YOU are the day’s “catch” without ever having to say a word

  • The 7 things you MUST do to attract really beautiful women the first minute you meet them… (attractive women get ‘hit’ on all the time, they’ve seen it all, in most cases, they’re way more ‘experienced’ than you know, so their a different breed altogether – here you’ll learn how to ‘get good’ with them)

  • The 10 simple things you can you do to radically improve your physical appearance in the next 24 hours without spending a dime…  most guys  overlook this, but trust me, getting this right will easily quadruple the chances of a woman responding positively to you)

  • How to intensify parts of your natural personality that make a woman feel intense attraction for you so you make a powerful, mesmerizing impression with every woman you meet

  • How to smoothly turn the conversation to sex and racy themes into your conversations that light women’s sexual imaginations on fire... She'll be silently BEGGING you to “bring her home” at the end of the day (Most think they know how to do it, unfortunately they ALWAYS get this wrong)

  • Learn how to easily get women to chase you & pick you up -- Realistic, easy-to-do techniques that will have gorgeous looking women you don't even know calling you out for dates!

  • Creating attraction in a woman usually takes more than just saying the right things... it requires a special combination of humor, flirting, body language, inner game, attitude, and other vitally important elements. You’ll learn how it all connects to one another here...

  • A “never-before-revealed” field-tested 3-step technique that creates a distinctive presence about yourself that immediately draws women to you & increases your ‘pick-up’ rate by an astounding 372%!

  • A powerful exercise to rapidly shoot down every single one of your personal inner negative talks, anxieties & fear of approaching and have you turning into a larger-than-life, lion-like approaching ‘machine’!

  • How to successfully approach any woman in bars/clubs & have a fun and exciting interaction without being blown off even if she's already rejected every other guy in the club

  • How often do you come across pathetic looking men dating very sexy, lingerie model-like looking woman? Here you will uncover their ultimate secrets of how they actually do it (It's much easier than you think... you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing this before!)

… plus much more!

Inspiring "Success Stories" From
REAL PEOPLE Who Have Already Seen This Breakthrough Program...


"... What I Liked The Most About Your Package, It's All The NEW Stuff -- Kudos To You For Bringing Such An Impressive Team Of Authors Together!"

"Hi Simon,

I LOVED your Instant Attraction Program! Being a dating coach myself, I have found quite a few new techniques and insights into the matter of meeting women for love, relationships and sex.

'The Dating Science' is progressing so fast, it's a challenge to keep up with what other authors are doing. Just like with computers, today you buy the latest model and in a year it's obsolete.

I know some authors keep selling books they wrote back in 90th (and many things no longer work... true!) but what I liked the most about your package, it's all the NEW stuff!

Kudos to you for bringing such an impressive team of authors together. You've outdone yourself once more!"

-- Elena Petrova
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"Success in attaining your goals in life and relationships begins with knowledge. By obtaining this book, you have taken an important step! Essentially this book is for anyone who is seeking a relationship to enhance life. The directions, techniques and philosophies in this book have been tried time and time again, with amazingly successful results.

If you are looking for a lover, partner or soul mate, this book is for you! It doesn't matter whether you are a shy, fat, ugly-looking or cash poor guy; you can still find neat gems within these pages to help you get the Love you want.

Don't wait.

Devour it; and put what you have learned into ACTION today!"

-- Cucan Pemo
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"... Interested In What The Guy Ross Jeffries (Speed Seduction Coach & Founder) Publicly Endorses Have To Say...?"

Millions of people from over 11 countries have heard his interviews on hundreds of radio and cable stations around the world.

Countless others have seen his book on national television shows including: Montel Williams, Jane

 Whitney, Jenny Jones, Mark Walberg and Sally Jesse Raphael, etc...


I'm sick and tired of seeing men portrayed as idiots on tv and in movies. Not only will this program help change the way men view dating forever, it will give them back the "unfair advantage" they had lost to women many years ago."

Founder of: "The Jerk Army" Yahoo Group
Author of: "How to be the Jerk Women Love" and "Keys to the Kingdom of Women"

"... Men Who Think Or Are Already Successful With Women Need To Get This Book To Discover Options On How To Attract Women That They May Not Even Have Ever Considered..."

"Hey Simon,

The amount of techniques and methods used to attract women covered in your Instant Attraction Program is insane. Any man who is even the slightest bit interested in
improving his success with women needs to read this book in order to get a good understanding of the different options he has when it comes to being successful with women.

In fact even men who think or are already successful with women need to get this book to discover options on how to attract women that they may not even have ever considered.

Good job Simon!"

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"... The Information (all 430 pages of it) Is Laid Out In Bite Sized Pieces Allowing The Reader To Take What Is Immediately Applicable To Their Situation And Use It Immediately..."

"What an awesome package. I know size isn’t everything but the “Instant Attraction Program” put together by Simon Heong is huge. Simon has gathered together a Master Mind group of the foremost seduction masters in the world today and has basically gotten them to reveal the master keys to their unique attraction and seduction systems, and put them together in one place. The “Instant Attraction Program”

What I found particularly useful was how the information (all 430 pages of it) is laid out in bite sized pieces allowing the reader to take what is immediately applicable to their situation and use it immediately.  All aspects of attraction and seduction are covered from a massive (and I mean MASSIVE!!!) selection of tips and techniques to the basic philosophy and psychological foundation of each of the respective systems of these seduction masters.

As if that wasn’t enough, the bonuses that come with the Instant Attraction Program are what you would expect from a product put together by Simon Heong and given the size and scope of the “Instant Attraction Program”. They could legitimately form another best selling stand alone product on their own.  No problem.

Six special reports  including an amazing 1 hour audio coaching session courtesy of seduction master Carlos Xuma, round out what is I believe the most comprehensive “everything-in-one-place” attraction and seduction package available today.

Do yourself a favour and jump on the Instant Attraction Program, I highly recommend it."

-- Lincoln Wade
"The Seductionist"

"... Even The More Self-defined 'Ladies Men' Will Still Learn Quite A Bit That They Can Add To Their Reality And Apply Immediately..."

"This is a great resource for guys to have when it comes improving their dating lifestyle and personal growth.

'How to Instantly Attract Any Woman' will take the average guy and immerse him in all kinds of psychology, details, techniques and a more successful mindset
 when it comes to applying and having success with desirable women and dating.

This will give the reader an advantage over many other men who seemingly have more positive attributes.

For most guys who have listened to society's programming (that's almost all of us!), this is a very solid step in the right direction to start seeing results immediately.

There's so much to learn in this book that even the more self-defined 'ladies men' will still learn quite a bit that they can add to their reality and apply immediately.  Even for them it is a worthy investment.

The book is crammed with tons of insights and techniques that will make a definite impact on one of the areas that matters the most in a man's life; his success with women (and his self-esteem) - and how can you put a price on that!?"

-- Rion Williams
Best-Selling Author Of "Men's Guide To Women" & The "Alpha Relational Dynamics"


"... It Covers Everything From How To Keep Women Interested In You To Flirting, Introducing, Communicating And Beyond -- This Program Is The Answer To A Lot Of Guys Prayers..."

"I've always considered myself a student of the game. I feel that you never stop learning and you should always be striving to improve yourself whether it's with women and dating or in life in general.

Everyone should be constantly evolving and this program helps to give you the right direction you should be headed. This program takes all of the experiences from proven experts and puts them right at your fingertips. You don't

have to make the same mistakes they made. This is one of the most complete packages that I have taken part in.

It covers everything from how to keep women interested in you to flirting, introducing, communicating and beyond. This program is the answer to a lot of guys prayers. I wish I had access to a complete system like this growing up. But remember it's never to late to learn and every journey begins with one step.

The next step is yours. The hard part has already been done for you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side."

-- Will Hicks
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Founder of "Will Daddy Wear Clothing" -- The clothes that say what's really on your mind.

Stop Depending On “Fate” & "Luck"!NO MORE Missed Opportunities And Wierd, Awkward Moments With Women...

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Imagine... having an exclusive VIP pass to an all-star & fiercely dedicated team of dating gurus eagerly waiting to show you everything they know. 

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Believe me, you'll be floored by the sheer brilliance of what these guys have poured out here in the entire "Instant Attraction Program"…

But wait... there's more!

SEVEN Super Bonuses (Valued at $281.30):
"Yours To Keep, No Matter WHAT You Decide!

If you're excited about the JAM-PACKED 'killer' new information that you'll receive in the "Instant Attraction Program", then I think you're going to be astonished by what I'm about to do next...

Because I want to be sure that you have every technique you could possibly need to guarantee your success with ANY woman, for the next 3 days only until , I’ll also be generously giving away SEVEN ADDITIONAL SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free:

Bonus #1: "Audio CD Downloads: 28 Advanced Field-Tested ‘Secrets’ To Female Attraction & Dating -- 1.5 Hours+ Audio Coaching by Seduction Coach; Carlos Xuma" (Value: $89.90)
You are absolutely going to jump on this! This is an exclusive 1.5 hours+ of Advanced Audio Coaching by our nation’s leading dating authority & top seduction coach -- Carlos Xuma. (this information alone is worth more than the price of this entire program!)

You can burn these entire recording onto a CD, pop them in your favorite player & listen to them during your most crucial hours.

Ramp up your speakers as he bares all & uncovers over 28 of his most advanced & updated discoveries on…

  • Understanding the core beliefs on how women interpret relationships & what they are looking for in their ideal man

  • The 2 things  you must do to always be “ready” so you won't blow it when that special woman comes along

  • What is the 3 most important things you absolutely  must do if you want to keep your woman interested in you FOREVER (This is the one key to having a long-term relationship with a woman…

  • The one key to understanding women’s inner emotional experience

  • Why women test men and how to pass every single one of them and cunningly create instant attraction with them

  • A powerful way to magnetically touch a woman that gets her thinking "naughty things" about you & have her touching you more and more and more

  • His one-of-a-kind 'secret', often overlooked strategy that will powerfully seduce ANY woman

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… and so much more!

Bonus #2: "Special Report: How To Approach & Pick Up Women in Bars, Clubs, And ANY Public Place -- Without Rejection PLUS an Exclusive 12-Surefire Ways To Mastering The Fine Art Of Approaching Women  (Value: $25.90)
There is practically nowhere you can go in the world where you’re able to find hundreds of sexy, beautiful, single, available women packed together in a single place than in bars and clubs.

This brand new 18-pager special report will immediately show you how to confidently walk into any bar or club, approach the hottest-looking women, and walk out with the 'star attractions' selfishly cat-fighting amongst themselves for your attention... (yes, I'm not joking; these things DO happen!)

You will have access to a brand–new 12-step master checklist of things you must NEVER do if you want to be successful at approaching women anywhere; be it at bars, clubs or any other possible public place

... PLUS a secret little technique on how to ingeniously stand out & get the attention of beautiful women in cafes & any seated place & have them laughing hysterically, walking up to you, asking your name, wanting to know you and asking PERMISSION to take YOU out on a date with her (You've got to drop everything & see this -- it works like clockwork EVERY time!)

… and still that’s not all!

Bonus #3: "How To Make Women Laugh & Instantly Trigger Their Inner Attraction For You": Exclusive One-On-One Interview with the Master of Dating Humour – Martin Merrill (Value: $29.90)

In this private exclusive interview with the Grandmaster of comedy himself, you will learn how Martin sparks instant chemistry & attraction with ANY woman using nothing but humor & comedy.

Already a highly sought-after speaker and expert in the field of using humor to attract women, you'll be in for a real treat as he generously shares his 'killer' techniques on...


  • How to use humor to create a personal connection with a woman the INSTANT you meet her
  • The RIGHT way to use the power of  laughter to produce addictive, drug-like responses in a woman that make her WANT to be around you every hour of the day - EVERYDAY
  • The single most important thing to do right after you've successfully made a woman laugh to bring it to the next level
  • The right tonality to use to profoundly increase the impact of your jokes
  • The biggest mistakes guys make when using humor (almost every guy has done this in their interactions with women!)
  • ... plus much more!


Bonus #4: "Special Report by Seduction Coach; Giuseppe Notte --  5 Secrets To Mastering The Fine Art Of Seduction With Women " (Value: $25.90)

In this one-off bonus giveaway, best-selling author, Giuseppe Notte will reveal to you his techniques on...

  • Mastering the art of female communication; how to communicate with women using their ‘secret’ language, how women think, what motivates their every action & thoughts and how YOU can use this to amp up their attraction for you!

  • The ‘players’ guaranteed way on instantly juicing up

your woman’s sleeping sexual appetite - stimulate her innermost desires and transform yourself into a breathtaking lover who always has a new surprise for her! (you've got to read this one...)

  • The 5 things you absolutely must do before having a woman over to your house (Get this right, and you’ll end up easily progress on to a whole night of ‘fun, get this wrong and you won’t get a call from her ever again)

  • A complete list of the 11 best places to meet highly 'receptive' women...

  • Master the thought process, turn-ons, turn-offs of all attractive, desirable women

Bonus #5: "The 12 Personality Traits Women Find Most Appealing In Men" (Value: $29.90)

This "special report" will start you off perfectly on your quest to mastering the true dynamics of how attraction works; you will finally understand why good looks, wealth, status, power, and any other external forces are NOT what women are looking for.

Instead, you will learn about the 12 personality traits that guys who are excellent with women all possess and why it is absolutely crucial for you to understand how each and every one of them appeals so wholesomely to women…

Once you’ve gone through this, you WILL bring out your natural ability to attract women faster than you ever thought possible!

Bonus #6:  How To Attract Your Dream Woman (Alpha Male Style!) -- And Make The Ultimate Male Fantasy YOUR REALITY; by the 'Godfather' Of Alpha -- John Alexander (Value: $39.90)

Considered by many to be the pioneer of the now popular 'Alpha Male' concepts that most 'players'' across the globe now strictly abide their whole 'approaching women' principles by, John generously shares his latest, most up-to-date techniques on how  to instantly & easily develop the magnetic mindset & personality that naturally attracts women to WANT you and no one else -- Alpha Male Style!

Here you will read about his brilliant techniques on:

  • The basic principle on how to create your own STRONG reality
  • Fixing your mindset about yourself with women
  • How to take full control of your mindset and build your IDEAL personality
  • How to instantlt get a woman's attention and exactly what to say to immediately connect with her in a flirtatious, sexual way
  • Mastering the all-important approach, and a simple 3-step plan on how to do it with flair -- alpha style!
  • How to expand your social circle... even if you're lonely and have zero friends right now
  • ... and much, much more!
Bonus #7: The 13 Sneakiest Tricks, Tests and Mind Games Of Women -- That Men Keep Falling For by The Nation's Most Envied "Jerk" -- FJ Shark (Value: $39.90)

**Phew**  You know I'm sooo jealous of you. Even I'm exhausted just telling you all this.. ;-) Anyway to top it all off, here's one last priceless Gem I KNOW will turn you into an absolute "Shark-o-maniac!"

After much pestering, "Every guy hates him but secretly wants to be him" -- King Of the "Jerk Army" FJ Shark has finally agreed to throw in his new 'killer' 33-page special report where  he shows you his top-secret 'Jerky' tricks he's been so famously known for...

Here you'll learn about his geniusly crafted techniques called the:

  • Play 20 Questions
  • Reverse Passion Play
  • Fair Weather Girlfriend
  • Double Agent
  • Lover's Spat
  • Two Tickets To Paradise
  • Marking The Territory

    ... PLUS a whole lot more!

(What's even better is you'll be given a special personal link to Shark's massively popular "Jerk Army Mastermind" Yahoo Group as well!)

"But What Kind of HEFTY Price Tag Should This Go For?"

Good question.

I thought about this for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price one would have to pay to gain access into the minds of not 1, not 5, but 11 of the world’s BEST Dating & Seduction Coaches -- each spilling out their finest, most  proven, field-tested techniques on achieving instant success with women then?

Collectively and conservatively, this group I've assembled is sharing their very best of over 12 years+ worth of hardcore research in the area of female attraction and seduction. If you could pick up just a fraction of this knowledge - what would that be worth to you?

Actually the lowest number many of my Dating “Guru” friends insisted for me to charge it was nothing less than $150. It's simply too valuable. But, since I want to help as many people as I can, I’ve decided not to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for all these specialized brand-new, covert ‘underground’ information is just $99.95

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I know many people may think I am crazy to practically ‘give away’ all these secrets for such a low price, but I have my reasons.

You see, since I’ve just recently released this Program, my goal right now is to collect as many raving testimonials from as MANY people as I possibly can…

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I really want you to be as confident as I am about these powerful secrets... and use them to change your entire social & dating life as they have mine. But if you're still skeptical, then...

Here's My No-Hard-Feelings,

I’m so confident that this whole Program is going to help you meet and date more women VERY QUICKLY that I’m willing to let you read and try it at MY RISK.

Don't like it? Send it back within the next 2 months. I'll refund your money on the spot. No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.

Look. I know this program is going to change your dating life forever. I KNOW that it's going to help you transform yourself into the absolute best man you KNOW you can be.

Fact is, if you aren’t dating the women you’ve always dreamed of in the next 2 months... if you don’t see & feel any dramatic changes in your social life by then... then I don't want your money. I WANT you to ask for a full refund.

... What better deal can you ask for? I have literally taken ALL of the risk for you because that's how much I believe in my Program.

I really do.


Claim YOUR Copy Of The Newly Released "Instant Attraction Program" In The Next 5 Minutes...


Imagine... how incredibly powerful you'll feel when you have fully understood the core psychological motivators of what women want & have mastered the key essential techniques to creating instant attraction & connecting with any woman you want – ANYTIME you want.

For once you no longer have to settle for second best, average looking women,  or even ugly looking women. You’ll have choices… LOTS and LOTS of them, and for the very first time in your life, YOU are now creating your OWN destiny.

... and that's what people call -- personal power.

Imagine... you’re now a fearless approaching machine. You see an attractive woman. You smile. You know EXACTLY what to say and do...  you walk up to her with total confidence and ZERO hesitation... make her smile... and walk way with her phone number. She calls you the next day. She's the one doing the chasing. Things go on exactly how you want them to be, as you sit back and enjoy the ride. Best of all, you can do this again… and  again… and again.

Life will be different now, as you look forward to every new day and every new situation because this is your new-found reality now...

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Simon Heong        David K

P.S. – Don’t forget my little motivation for you. If you order by  , The Seven FREE super bonuses worth $281.30 are yours to keep no matter what. Now, that's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide. Also, my Special “Launch Celebration Offer” won’t be around for long – like I said, once I’ve collected enough raving testimonials, I’ll immediately raise the price back up – without any prior notice.

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P.P.P.S. - This information will change the way you interact with women FOREVER as it has for so many other men …  It has happened a hundred times . . . the skeptics turn into believers when they download and actually see the “Instant Attraction Program!” for the first time. Just wait until you try it!

P.P.P.P.S - Remember, you also have 8 full weeks to try all the techniques that you've learned in this Program. If you’re not meeting & dating the kinds of woman you’ve always dreamed off as a result of this ground-breaking Program, I will happily refund your money on the spot -- no questions asked, no hard feelings ;-) This decision is really a non-decision, don't you think?

What do you have to lose? 


Read What Others Have To Say:

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**

"I'm much calmer, much cooler and more relaxed around girls right now, and yeap I can definitely see the results now..."


It started when I first broken up with my girlfriend of over 8 years. It happened all of a sudden, my girlfriend cheated on me, hooked up with another guy while we were still together. I was shocked at what happened and I became so vengeful and angry at her. She had the heart to dump me after all hardships we've been through together.

It was a dark time for me after the breakup. I lost hope and tried to get back into the game again but somehow, after 8 years of being with just 1 girl, I was clueless and tried everything I thought would work to find myself a new girl, but all I got then was "no" answers. I felt hopeless, at myself.

It became clear how 'out of touch' with the opposite sex I was at the time, and that was when I first came across your "instant attraction" book. Reading it I began to realize exactly why my Sheila left me. I don't blame her now for leaving me, she left because I was a wuss. Period.

I'm slowly getting back into the game as I'm writing this mail to you, in fact, there are several girls who are obviously interested in me right now, but like you said, I'm taking my time with it now, I'm much calmer, much cooler and more relaxed around girls right now, and yeap I can definitely see the results now. Thanks man!"

Aston Q, Connecticut

"I'm having girls coming for me, 3 of them... ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Holy shit! ME???!!"

"Hey Simon,

Whats up! Bought your "instant attraction" book and it's opened my eyes towards women! I won't kiss your ass like the rest but I just want to give my two cents worth. I'm having girls coming for me, 3 of them... ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Holy shit! ME???!!

I'm no looker buddy, that's for sure. BUT I took the advice in this manual and I followed through and developed the "alpha-ness" in my character and looks like these girls have all "rick-ness" written all over their hearts right now! hahaha...

Excellent book! Later..."

Ricky R, Illinois

"It's scary I wonder what would happen if more guys get it, will I be the next 'victim' to be 'gamed' on then?" :-)


Loved your newsletters, I'm always surprised by how spot on the things you mentioned about what women are thinking and looking for. Yes, I'm a woman (obviously, working as a media planner in a fairly respectable 35 years old, single, successful, dating like mad, attractive, but nope, I still haven't found my "knight in shinning armour yet".

You are right. When it comes to love, dating and being with a man, we can be contradicting...

I bought your "instant attraction" guide just to satisfy my curiosity and yes, so true... so true what all the writers have written. I didn't really look at things that way, how we're attracted to guys, and I can honestly say this book, lived up to its claims. It's scary I wonder what would happen if more guys get it, will I be the next 'victim' to be 'gamed' on then? :-)

I've forwarded your mailings to several guy friends, I know it'll help them. BTW, you by any chance have something for women to get guys lol.?!!"

Jennifer V, Ontario

"Your guide, helpful, helped me, find happiness again..."

"Hey S,

Short note. I was a divorcee and out of love for 3 lonely years. No game. Lost hope, lost confidence, no money. Bad. Sad. Your book, good idea, learnt stuff, skeptical at first, used them, saw small success, used them some more, got better, became happier, getting engaged to my girl, Jamie in 2 weeks.

Your guide, helpful, helped me, find happiness again. God bless you my friend. Thanks!"

Nicholas O, Utah

"I'm not showing off but I picked up a few things from your book and it has worked well in my transformation as a former "chump" to "game-player"... Thanks and all the best!"

"Hey Simon,

Let me tell you a story. I walked into my girl's room one day, that biatch was screwing some other guy and you can imagine how pale I looked just seeing my most trusted partner banging someone else right there in the very same place we always made out. She looked at me and without saying anything else, she asked me to get out.

No sorry. No explanation, No regret on her part. I was devastated. That was the last day of my 'nice guy' days. I swore that I'd make her regret she left me. And regret she did.

I'm not showing off but I picked up a few things from your book and it has worked well in my transformation as a former "chump" to "game-player".

Thanks and all the best!

John D, Missouri

"I credit your book soo much simon I finally met the girl of my dreams and it's all because of this thanks soo much!!"

"Thanks so much for coming out with this book i have NEVER came across something this comprehensive on the topic of the courtship process and creating attraction with women. I realized how I was doing everything the OTHER way round no wonder I'm not getting any...

I credit your book soo much simon I finally met the girl of my dreams and it's all because of this thanks soo much!!"

Stan S, Long Island

"I'm aiming for my 3rd make out close this week he he"

Simon you're genius!?! I'm not gonna treat you like God but you the man!! I first got your approaching Secrets and went on to get your instant attraction book... and yeaaah i'm starting to get the 'feel' of women and messing with their minds and stuff so keep up the great work! I'm aiming for my 3rd make out close this week he he"

Wanchiop Q, Finland

"I'm writing to thank you Simon I'd never would've been able to do it without this knowledge..."

"I've learnt soo much from your newsletters and getting your instant attraction book has been one of the best decisions I've made this year!! I've never seen anything like this sold online and yes it really freakin works dude!!! I never really knew how to up the ant whenever I'm with women, always stayed as friends with women but never the 'lover'. Your book revealed EVERYTHING and yea I've already gotten 2 one-night stands the past 5 days!! Coooooll.

I'm writing to thank you Simon I'd never would've been able to do it without this knowledge. Keep those newsletters coming I'm still learning whatever I can before I get 'too old' for this??!! haha"

Arnold C, Perth


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