"The Most Effective Way To Pick Up A Woman"
Here's the mindset you should have if you really want to be
successful when it comes to dating and meeting women.

Firstly, take all the things that your mom & dad ever taught you
about how to treat and date a woman and do the exact OPPOSITE!

It's not a secret anymore that even though a woman constantly
says that all she wants is a nice, sweet, and caring guy in their
life, often times they're actually lying to themselves -- without
them even realizing it!

It's true!


In the movies, yes, the girl always falls for the nice guy, but
in real life, especially more so if you really want to be able
be with as many women as possible in your lifetime - the nice
guy route will get you nowhere and you'll end up getting nothing
but rejections.

I'm not going to go into the details on the 'why' part of it
because most of you might have already know about it.

Just in case you still don't know why, you can read and listen all about it here in my newly released "Instant Attraction Program"

But what I AM going to talk about today is why do women,
especially attractive ones can act rather 'bitchy' and rude
sometimes and how you can effectively pick up one - with ease.

First of all, you have to understand that attractive women, they
get 'hit on' one way or another at least 10 times a day everyday
- consistently.

Now at first it may all seem happy and nice with them receiving
all the attention from the guys, and sure they can be all cutesy
and polite to them whenever they're being approached but
after a while, it all tends to get rather irritating and
annoying - merely because they're hearing the same ol' lines,
howlings and perv stares over and over again.

Exact words from a woman's mouth - not mine.

So what they do about it?

Well in order for them to 'save time', they would then be
'forced' to be more 'to the point' or as we like to call it
'bitchy' to the guys that approach them.

Why must they be so mean?

Simply because they HAVE to.

You see, if they weren't mean enough, guys who are usually
thick-skinned will not get the point and they'll keep on
pursuing UNTIL she says a firm no.

Makes sense?

How do I know this? Well, to be honest with you, it was merely
by chance. I didn't get any of it at first until I started to
really mix with women.

Sometimes, it's really good to have close girl friends because
you might learn a LOT from them. I now begin to see it all from
THEIR perspective now...

How to approach a woman?

Now, I've noticed that most guys (the majority of them actually),
whenever they approach a woman, they always start off by saying
something like 'Hi there, you're gorgeous, oh by the way, my
name's John, what's yours? I'd like to get to know you, bla bla

Heard of such a line before?

Or probably something along these lines?

Now, think about it. If you're a girl and you get asked the
same question about 5-10 times a day, do you think that there's
a high chance that you'll get immune to it?

Of course you would!

And I'm not guessing here because I had a girl friend who once
told me the same thing that I'm telling you now!

It's just too 'typical' for them to receive such lame,
everyday 'pick up' lines.

Best thing is, do you know instead what they would rather hear?

Try this:

Go up to her, and just give her a funny compliment on something
she LEAST expects to get a compliment on (NEVER compliment her
looks, she's immune to that, remember?), you can compliment on
her funky hairstyle, her heels, her big ears -- anything.

Just as long as its something she LEAST expects to hear from
a guy.

Using humour is always good in picking up women. Humor added
with a bit of spunk, along with a spot-on sarcastic tone and
body language will definitely seal the deal for you -- and
get her interested.


Think about it.

This works. :-)

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