"How To Create Instant Attraction & Have Women Chase YOU!"
As guys, we were normally taught by our parents that the best
way to get a girl is for us to be 'nice, gentle, caring and
loving' guys.

"Just show her you care, be there for her whenever she needs
you, be a romantic, send her flowers, and constantly pursue

"Do this persistently and one fine day, she'll [naturally]
develop feelings for you and will fall for you".

Frankly speaking, back during the 50s, 60s and 70s, such
'wussy-like' techniques could work.

I mean, that was exactly how our dads normally courted our
moms anyway, right?

If it worked for them then, in theory, it would definitely
work for us now, right?

I used to think that this should be the way.

But I was dead wrong.

In fact, when I first started developing interest for girls,
I tried this tactic myself, and went through many a heart
break along the way.

It's now the new millenium and we have to move along with
times. Things change, technology change, people change,
WOMEN change; naturally the DATING SCENE has changed as

For me, one of the best ways for you to get the women you
desire is for you to first -- Change your mindset.

Stop going after the girl.

Traditionally, it was the guy who has to go after the
girl. But the "dating" scene has EVOLVED so much since
the time of our forefathers, it doesn't have to be this
way anymore!

In fact, if you want to be successful with women -- your
mindset MUST be changed where your goal right now is to
'se.xually attract' HER to come after YOU...

... and no it is NOT impossible!

Let me give you an example...

You see, apart from teaching guys to be more successful
with women, I am also an entrepreneur and I sell
software products to my clients from all over the world.

For me, I tend to find it much EASIER to sell products
to people who are ALREADY interested in my products or
services rather than trying to cold call a prospective
client and try to 'sell' it to them.

Imagine if you're a sales person who's job is to sell
credit cards.

Don't you think it's much easier for you to close the sale when you have call-in or walk-in prospective clients who
walks into the bank and tells you "I'm interested to apply
for a credit card. What do you need?"

Same applies here when you're dating women.

You'll get far better results if you can "draw" her in
& get HER interested to come after you instead.

Don't you think it'll be WAY easier to "close" her
when she's ALREADY interested in you?

And exactly how do you do that?

Again in business.

What differentiates a successful multi-million dollar
business from a struggling or an average "so-so" one?

The answer is 'differentiation'.

Successful business owners knows that in order for a
customer to choose their products over their MANY other
competitors, they will have to come out with a product,
a business system or marketing concepts that are truly

The have to be unique and really STAND OUT from the rest.

Same goes in the seduction game.

If you want to become really successful in it, you've
got to differentiate yourself by becoming truly unique,
but in a very EXCITING and ATTRACTIVE way.

You see, if you've set your sight on a physically
attractive woman, fact is that many other guys will ALSO
find her attractive and would go straight on and hit on

On average, top-dog, hot looking women normally gets hit
on at least, a minimum of 5-8 times -- every single day.

Now honestly ask yourself; what will your chances of
'scoring' with her be like if you were to act and do the
EXACT SAME things like the the REST OF THE OTHER GUYS who
are hitting on her that particular day?

Answer - most likely, zero.

If you really want to stand above the rest of them,
you have to be truly unique and INDIFFERENT in your

Most guys try to "convince" a woman to feel attracted
to them by giving them compliments, gifts, buying
them expensive dinners, etc with the HOPE that they
will fall for them.

This NEVER works.

Attraction happens instantly or NOT at all.

Plain and simple.

Get that DRILLED into your head.

Don't be anything like the other clueless men, and
start complementing her, be all submissive to her
every demand, using cheesy pick-up lines, because women,
esp beautiful ones, they are IMMUNE to such wussy like
guys, its just too 'easy'/boring for them.

Instead, you should DEVELOP traits that women will
normally find attractive in a man:

- Confidence (not acting insecure & needy)
- Being unapologetic when you're talking to her in a
charming & funny way
- Not accepting bit.chy behaviour from her or anyone
- Have strong control of YOUR composure and SHOWING to
her that you're not at all INTIMIDATED by her looks &
let her know that SHE has to be the one to IMPRESS you
- Flirtatious/charming character & body language

Having all these traits immediately throws women off their
tracks because these are all things that they LEAST
expect in their interactions with men.

I hope you're getting what I am trying to say here.

Oh and here's a little something on "pick-up lines"

Guys are always searching for the latest and best
pick up lines.

My advice is - FORGET pick up lines.

At this day and age, women automatically turn
themselves "off" to pick up lines, esp cheesy ones.

They get 'hit' by them over a thousand times in their
lifetime - Don't get me wrong, really, REALLY good
pick lines can work at times, but it can only get
you as far as the first 30 seconds and that's it.

What happens AFTER you've run out of 'cool' lines then?

How are you going to "keep her interested" & keep the
Game going then?

Bottom line, pick up lines are the OLD FASHIONED way
of approaching women.

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