"The 2 Magical Traits That ALL Women Are Attracted To..."
Everyone knows this...

Women are one of the most ILLOGICAL human beings in the

That's true.

Ever noticed why certain women tend to remain in physically
abusive relationships, year after year even when they
knowingly KNOW that the relationship will never become better?

You have to get into their minds and understand exactly what
makes them... women.

First of all, unlike us - as men, we normally get turned on

We are VISUAL beings.

As 'hunters', we are normally attracted to things that are
visually attractive and appealing.

We see an attractive woman, one that has a solid, curvy,
slender looking body - and we IMMEDIATELY get turned on.

And if she's really sexy looking, chances are we'll get
arou.sed in 2 seconds.

We'll find ourselves immediately 'wanting' her.

And we automatically think it is... love.

Some might suddenly see a hot looking woman in front of them
and INSTANTLY think that it's love.

Fact is, it is NOT love at first sight.

We were merely attracted to a her PHYSICALLY and nothing

What if deep down that perfect body, lies a gold-digging,
selfish, dumb & boring personality?

Would we really care?


Because we get turned on by VISUAL things.

Guys go out expecting to get 'laid'.

Women on the other hand are human beings of EMOTION.

It's not so much about 'looks' with them.

They are more inclined to get attracted to guys with
PERSONALITY. How you talk to them...

How you make them FEEL.

Ever notice that how women tend to take a LONGER time to
fall in love with men?

You don't see many women around who happened to see a
hot-looking guy and immediately thinks she's 'in love'
with him, don't you?

She will usually need time to 'get to know him better'...

... 'get to know his friends better'...

... 'get to know his family members better'...

I'm sure you heard THAT before, right?

For them, as long as they can 'feel a connection' with the
guy, THEN there might be a POSSIBILITY of her falling in
love with him.

Notice how women often uses the word "feel" when their
talking about love, relationships & guys.

And sure enough, it takes women a longer time to fall
in love, but once they are really 'into' the guy, they
will give him their ALL.

They will do WHATEVER it takes to make him happy, cook his
favorite dishes, wash his clothes, clean his apartment,
etc.. they will basically go to GREAT lengths to
'satis.fy' their man the moment their in love with him...

Ever noticed that?

To put in simply, if you want to be GREAT with women, you
must know HOW to 'trigger' her innermost feelings of
emotions whenever you're with them.

Women don't get turned on by guys JUST by looking at them.
Yes, there are a few who might be like that, but in
general, they will more likely be together with a guy that
knows how make them FEEL great.

You must be able to 'connect' with them on their 'EMOTIONAL'

And If you can consistently get a woman's attention and
make her FEEL pleasurable sensations whenever she's with
you - you have struck GOLD!

"And how do you do this then?", you may ask...

One of the most powerful ways is by using HUMOR in a

If you can make women laugh & have fun EVERYTIME and amp
those feelings of PLAYFULNESS whenever you're with her,
believe me they WILL quickly develop PLEASURABLE feelings
for you.

Women LOVE funny, playful guys!

Who doesn't?

For example, if a woman I've just met in a bar accidently
brushes against me, I'll immediately go

"Hey, what's wrong with you?

"We just met & ALREADY you can't keep your hands to

"What next, you'll spike my drink and seduce me to sleep
with you tonight?"

I'll then slide my glass to another corner of the table.

"I'll be watching you..."

I'll then wait for her face to light up ;-)

Get what I'm trying to say here?

Be playful.

Show her a good time and tease her WHENEVER you can.

TRY it and you'll see it work WONDERS to your Game ;-)

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